Volle melk

Eind november bleek het gewicht van Diana ondanks onze groeiende zoon niet meer toe te nemen. Verminderde eetlust, met name bij ontbijt en lunch.

Daarom werd Diana aangeraden ‘vollere’ producten te eten. Roomboter in plaats van onze gebruikelijke dieet halvarine. Volle melk in plaats van halfvolle.

De uitvoerend inkoper levensmiddelen van het D&G huishouden heeft sindsdien enkele wijzigingen in het inkoopbeleid doorgevoerd. In het winkelwagentje gaan tegenwoordig de reeds genoemde roomboter en volle melk. En de magere yoghurt met bosvruchten werd vervangen door Magnums, walnotenijs of boerenlandvla. Altijd met slagroom.

Sowieso wordt aan het koken meer aandacht besteed. De kok kookt vaker ‘iets nieuws’. De receptkaartjes van de supermarkt bewijzen hierbij goede diensten. Nu dan het antwoord op de cliffhanger in mijn vorige stukje: hebben de spruitjes gesmaakt…? Het recept in kwestie was van zo’n receptkaartje, nl.xa0 ‘Spruitjestaart met champignons’.xa0 Het smaakte ons beiden prima.

Vandaag tegen het reisadvies van dexa0 NS met de trein, ging prima.


Full fat milk

In the final days of November it proved that, despite our growing son, the weight of Diana was no longer increasing. Less appetite, especially at breakfast and lunch.

It was recommended to Diana to eat fatter products. Butter instead of diet low-fat margarine. Full fat milk instead of half-full.

The executive buyer food supplies of the D&G household has carried out somemodifications in the purchase policy since then. My shopping trollynowadays contains butter and full fat milk. And the low fatyoghourt with berries was replaced with Magnums, walnut ice cream or farmercountry custard. Always with whipped cream.

More attention is given to cooking, anyhow. The cook more often cooks ‘something new and possibly exciting’. The recipe cards of the supermarket prove very useful.Now, then the answer to the cliffhanger in my previous log: what did the Brussels sprouts do to Diana’s appetitexe2x80xa6? The recipe in question was taken from such a recipecard, viz. ‘ Brussels sprouts pie with mushrooms’. It was delicious.

Today I travelled by train, against the travel recommendation of the National Railways,. Took a bit longer but went smoothly enough.



2 gedachten over “Volle melk

  1. Hi Diana,

    I’m sorry to hear the Cancer has returned, it sounds like a horrible ordeal…. you were just recovering the last time we exchanged emails…I think we burned each other out replying…either that or I bored you to death. 🙂

    Your a strong woman so if anyone can fight it, it would be you… I say that without actually really knowing you all that well…it’s the impression I got from chatting with you and your success at work…and your English is really good …LOL(I know that doesn’t make sense 🙂

    Any ways, I won’t “babble” hear to long, maybe you can email me so I can bore you some more…I lost your email since we last chatted…and my mom doesn’t have your’s either.

    I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and New Year….Stay Strong!

    Ziggy jr.

  2. Hi Ziggy, thanks a lot for your reaction!

    I sent a mail to the address you left when posting here. Please be aware that I receive loads of mails and cards every day. I appreciate all the warm feelings expressed and I do read every message, but I am not energetic enough to answer everyone individually. That is why Gerard and I have started this weblog: in this way we can inform interested readers without telling the same story 24/7.

    Best regards,

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